Carl Larkin

Having something of a mid-life crisis as a mid 50’s IT professional I wanted to challenge my lifestyle by getting away from the office, regain my fitness and establish a group of friends outside of the work environment.

A life changing moment took place 3 years ago while running in the Chichester Half Marathon – I was overtaken by a number of people (of my age group … and older) smoothly and apparently effortlessly walking past me with the aid of some pole things (while having a conversations amongst themselves!)

Researching further I discovered these super beings to be Nordic Walkers and after just 2 training sessions I was totally hooked. The following year I smashed 15 minutes off my 1/2 marathon personal best.

After becoming empty-nesters I persuaded my beautiful wife Jane to give NW a go. Reluctant at first and not really into exercise and she now absolutely loves it (as much for the conversations with the new friends we have established on walks as the health benefits).

I want to encourage and pass on the fantastic experience NW brings to others in similar situations so much so that I am now a fully qualified instructor.